About KnobCloud

KnobCloud is the first dedicated online marketplace for digital audio software and has been featured in Attack MagazineMusic RadarGearnews and others.

Selling licenses between users is legal and has been exercised in different places before, namely on KVRVI-Control, eBay, some facebook groups and other online platforms.

The trading of digital licenses involves some risks. KnobCloud is all about minimizing this risk, but we can't guarantee full safety.

KnobCloud safety measures

  • All offers have to include PayPal Buyer Protection, which lasts 180 days from the purchase. If you don't receive your license, or the license later turns out to be illegitimate, you can get your money back from PayPal.

  • All licenses are required to be registered with the developer and transferred through the developer – that means you get the license through the developer.

  • Connect with PayPal means we can effectively exclude scammers once we have detected fraudulent activities.

  • KnobCloud has a dedicated database of the transfer conditions of developers .

Recommended user safety measures

  • Never use “friends and family” or “gift” when paying with PayPal.

  • Never accept an unregistered serial license (this is a code that you input into the audio software to activate it) – you should obtain the license through the developer, which usually means that you will receive a notification from the developer.

  • To confirm a successful transaction only use the feedback function, which can be edited if needed.

  • If you detect fraudulent behavior of a user, please inform us under [email protected].

The KnobCloud Safety Protocol

We are introducing a new way of making a purchase very safe:

The seller agrees to have his actual name disclosed to the buyer and sends an email to the support of the developer of the product he is selling, asking support to reveal the name under which he registered the license and to confirm that he registered the product more than 3 months ago.

This email could look like this:

to → [email protected]
cc → buyer

Dear support,

I want to transfer my license to the buyer...
Please confirm to the buyer, whom I put in CC, that the name under which I registered my license is... , and that the license has been registered more than 3 months ago to my name.

Also, the seller should send another email to [email protected], asking us to reveal his actual name to the buyer.

What is the benefit of following the KnobCloud Safety Protocol?

The buyer will get the sellers name from the developer and from us. He will then know that the license indeed belongs to the seller and has not been hijacked. He will also know that the license was not recently bought, and this should rule out any credit card fraud. We believe the KnobCloud Safety Protocol should always be followed when buying high-priced items. It is a new measure as of 26.4.2021, so it will take some time for it to spread. We are excited about this idea.

If you want to use the KnobCloud Safety Protocol, please add the words “KSP-Protection” to the title you are selling. In the text of the offer please mention it again and refer to

We encourage buyers to propose this way of transferring a license to the sellers.