Terms of Use

Welcome to Knobcloud

Knobcloud (KC) is a place dedicated to selling music production software. In order to buy or sell a product you need to open an account. We will save the information that you give to us in order to facilitate using the website. If you want to cancel your registration, send us an email, and we will delete your account and all the information you provided us.

If you are using KC in any way, you agree to our Terms of Use (TOU). In order to use KC, you have to be of sufficient age and capacity to engage in legal contracts.

You may use KC to the sole purpose of buying and selling registered audio production software licenses. The selling of unregistered licenses is only allowed if you have been approved as a commercial reseller or developer (read our FAQ for more information). Any other use of KC is prohibited. Prohibited use is, for example:

  • Using KC with bots; the only program you may use in conjunction with KC is your web browser (manually).
  • Copying content, including User information.
  • Using content without permission, including User information.

You may only post offers of music production software. All other offers are prohibited and will be deleted. You are not allowed to open more than one account. You may create 10 selling offers a day, and a maximum of 50 at a time.

Infractions against these rules may lead to a ban. KC reserves the right to ban users who´s behavior we consider suspicious. Suspicious activity may be, for instance, selling a big amount of licenses in a short period of time for an unusually low price. We also reserve the right to ban users whenever we have reason to believe that rights of the users or third parties are being violated.

In order to use KC, you need a PayPal account, which needs to be connected to your KnobCloud account.

As a buyer, you may only contact other users when you are interested in buying the offered article. As a seller, you may of course always reply to messages of buyers, but you may not contact other users to tell them about your offer; your posted offer is meant to cover that aspect.

We recommend to always use PayPal with buyer protection. Please be sure to check if the buyer protection applies to your buy – KC is not responsible for this. As far as we know, buying software licenses is covered by the PayPal buyer protection program, but we are no liable for this, and the terms of PayPal may vary in different countries. As a seller, you may want to make sure in what ways you can prove to PayPal that you have transferred the sold license. This usually requires some participation of the developer who may have to confirm the transfer.

If you want to report a seller who has not transferred the offered license, please send an email to [email protected].

As a seller, you may only sell music production software which you are entitled to sell. In case of doubt, you need to contact the developer of the software you are selling. If it comes to our attention that a software is being sold without permission of the software developer, we will delete that offer. We don´t have the resources to check every selling offer in this regard, but we will check cases which have been brought to our attention. If you want to bring such an offer to our attention, please send us an email to [email protected].

Violations of our terms of use may result in deleting the user profile and excluding him from further use of the site. If the violation has led to a damage of any sort, of us or of other users, we may hold the user accountable for it.

Any claim, cause of action, demand, or dispute arising from or related to KC ("Claims") will be governed by the German laws, without regard to conflict of law provisions. Any Claims will be exclusively resolved by courts in Marburg, Germany, or the courts residing in other cities but responsible for the area of Marburg. The user agrees to submit to the personal jurisdiction of courts in Marburg, Germany, indemnify and hold KC harmless from any Claims, losses, liability, or expenses (including attorney's fees) that arise from a third party and relate to the Users use of KC and be liable and responsible for any Claims KC may have against the user.