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Antares - Auto-Tune Access (AutoTune)

$ 15

Antares Antares - Auto-Tune Access (AutoTune) Published on Mon, 12 Feb 2024

by musicartistx

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Auto-Tune Access 9 from Antares is the easiest and most affordable way to start using Auto-Tune software. This plug-in delivers the core Auto-Tune features you need with a simple and intuitive interface.

Previously, Auto-Tune so revolutionized the pitch correction software being used by engineers, that it's become identified with audio correction; and Antares has brought it back for for engineers and producers. With its light CPU footprint and professional quality processing, Antares makes it a convenient option for more advanced users working with larger projects.

Three-position Retune Speed and Humanize knobs allow for a variety of tuning applications, from subtle and natural-sounding pitch correction to the most extreme Auto-Tune Effect.