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Pro-DS, Twin, Volcano, Timeless, One, Simplon...

$ 312

Fabfilter Pro-DS, Twin, Volcano, Timeless, One, Simplon... Published on Thu, 20 Jan 2022

by ColdCokeHogan

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Some context: I had purchased every one of the Fabfilter plugs except the DS. When you own previous plugs from them they offer bundle discounts on your account page to "finish" the collection. So that's why this peculiar bundle exists.

Included: Pro-DS, Twin 2, Volcano 2, Timeless 2, One, Simplon, and Micro.

Per Fabfilter policies this bundle of licenses cannot be broken up into individual plugs. Happy to answer questions! Couldn't fit all of them in the title. Fabfilter has released updates for timeless and volcano (to 3) purchasing this version will give you access to a substantial discount if you would like to upgrade to the newest versions ( ea. are only $40 on my account currently)