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IK Multimedia

Syntronik 1 Full + Memories Synth

€ 79

IK Multimedia Syntronik 1 Full + Memories Synth Published on Tue, 14 Jun 2022

by Ces777

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Syntronik 1 collection (categories are: Syntronik CS - for free and 100 presets, Syntronik SE with 9 synths, Syntronik Full with 17 Synths and Syntronik MAX with 22 synths[ this is Syntronik 1, not 2])
I am not completely sure about the content of the previous versions, but The syntronik I bought was the "FULL" - One less than MAX, and had 17 synths, additionally I'll include the synth "Memories", which has a lot of presets. This price is less than a half of the next logical purchase for a new license :-)